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All of these handcrafted trinket boxes are embellished with Swarovski Crystals.
They are perfect to add to any collection of animals or to get started on your own. You can use them as a unique gift box to make any present extra special.
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Turtle Turtle

Large turtle with amber and green crystals

Price: $159.95
Pug and pup Pug and pup

Pug and its  puppy

Price: $82.95
Roaster Roaster

Roaster  with its colorful feathers standing tall

Price: $78.95
Peacock Card Holder Peacock Card Holder

Peacock card holder and tree trunk pen holder

Price: $69.95
Owl Family Owl Family

Mother and baby owl sitting on a branch

Price: $64.95
Kitten Kitten

Stripped kitten with a bow on its neck

Price: $56.95
Calico Cat Calico Cat

Stretching calico cat  with crystals

Price: $56.95
Long Hair Yorkie Terrier Long Hair Yorkie Terrier

Long haired yorkie terrier

Price: $56.95
Fairy Jewelry Box Fairy Jewelry Box

Floral fairy sitting on top of the box

Price: $56.95
Tree Frog Tree Frog

Price: $56.95
Wiener  Dog Wiener Dog

Wiener dog standing on all fours

Price: $54.95
Crystal Pineapple Crystal Pineapple

Pineapple made with clear, amber and green crystal.

Price: $54.95
Pineapple Pineapple

Pineapple with clear and amber crystals

Price: $54.95
Blue and Green Betta Blue and Green Betta

Blue and green betta fish with water underneath.

Price: $49.95
Watermelon Betta Watermelon Betta

Red and green betta fish with water underneath

Price: $49.95
Yellow Stripped Tang Yellow Stripped Tang

Yellow stripped tang with a hint of purple

Price: $49.95
Chicken and Chicks Chicken and Chicks

Chicken and  three chicks in the grass

Price: $48.95
Golden Retriever Golden Retriever

Sitting golden retriever

Price: $48.95
Elephant Elephant

Young elephant playfully sitting down

Price: $46.95
Polar Bear with  Cub Polar Bear with Cub

Polar bear holding her cub

Price: $45.95
Golden Retriever Pup Golden Retriever Pup

Sitting golden retriever puppy  with its tongue out

Price: $44.95
Chihuahua Chihuahua

Chihuahua is brown with hints of white

Price: $34.95
Turtle & Crab Turtle & Crab

Small turtle with a crab inside its shell

Price: $29.95