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These hand painted resin fairies and more are perfect to create that eye catching element in any room or garden.
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Euphoria Euphoria
Price: $132.95
Winter Fairy Queen Winter Fairy Queen
Price: $131.95
Fairy with Unicorn Fairy with Unicorn
Price: $126.95
Gothic Fairy Gothic Fairy
Price: $99.95
Lady of Forest Lady of Forest
Price: $99.95
Whisper  Fairy Whisper Fairy
Price: $94.95
Lullaby Lullaby
Price: $91.95
Moon Dreamer Moon Dreamer
Price: $91.95
Blue Dream Blue Dream
Price: $82.95
Fairy Family Fairy Family
Price: $79.95
Indigo Moon Indigo Moon
Price: $76.95
Crimson Lilly Crimson Lilly
Price: $76.95
Unicorn  Fairy Unicorn Fairy
Price: $72.95
Night Fairy Night Fairy
Price: $71.95
Earth Moon Fairy Earth Moon Fairy
Price: $67.95
Seraphim Angel Seraphim Angel
Price: $57.95
Fairy w/ Unicorn Fairy w/ Unicorn
Price: $49.95
Baby Dragon Baby Dragon
Price: $44.95
Spring Fairy Spring Fairy
Price: $42.95
Mystical Fairy Mystical Fairy
Price: $40.95
Purple Fairy Purple Fairy
Price: $38.95
Flower Fairy Flower Fairy
Price: $33.95