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Venus Neptune Saturn
Price: $124.95
Price: $124.95
Price: $124.95
Named for the Roman goddess of Love and beauty, Venus has charmed
stargazers since the dawn of time.
This 3" dia. celestial body is associated with - Taurus (April 21- May 21)
Neptune is a pale blue planet that lies beyound the reach of ordinary telescopes,
neatly 3 billon miles from the sun.
The 3 dia celestial body is associated with Pises (Feb 20- March 20)
Nine moons and rings made of stardust, planet size rocks and debris surround Saturn,
the second largest planet in our system.
The 3" dia. celestial body is asscociated with Capricorn (Dec.22- Jan. 20)
Mars Uranus Mercury
Price: $124.95
Price: $124.95
Price: $124.95
Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.
The reddish glowing color of its soil gives it the nickname, the Red Planet.
The 3" dia. celestial body is associated with Aries: (March 21- April 20)
Uranus is a ghostly greenish-blue planet, seventh from the sun. Newly redesigned,.
The 3" dia. celestial body is associated with Aquarius: (Jan.21- Feb.19).
A planet with extremes, the bright side of mercury can be hot enough to melt lead
while the polar regions dip to 235 degrees below zero.
The 3" dia. celestial body is associated with Gemini: (May 22-June22).
Jupiter Moon God's Eye
Price: $124.95
Price: $124.95
God's Eye
Price: $124.95
The great red spot of Jupiter is a massive storm on the surface of the
largest planet in our system.1,300 Earths could fit inside Jupiter.
The Moon dictates the seasons and tides on earth with its gravitational pull.
Lunar eclipes are caused when the shadow of earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon.
The 3" dia. body is associated with Cancer: ( June 22- July 22).
This planetary nebula is composed of atrillion-mile long tunnel of gasses that surround a dying sun-like star.
The body is 3" in dia.
Earth Asteroid Juno Universe
Price: $124.95
Asteroid Juno
Price: $124.95
Price: $124.95
Earth is the third planet from the sun and is covered by more water than land.
Look closely to see all the continents on this piece .3".5 dia.
Juno is one of the largest and heavest hovering between Mars and Jupiter.
3" dia.
The size of our universe has baffled scientists throughout the ages.
Artists at the Glass Eye Studio have captured a small part of it for you to ponder.
3" dia.
Ice Dwarf Earth Rising Rings of Saturn
Ice Dwarf
Price: $124.95
Earth Rising
Price: $124.95
Rings of Saturn
Price: $124.95
Cold and Mysterious, with an etheral beauty, the Ice Dwarf is a true wonder of the galaxy.
3" dia.
Watchour home planet rise into the sun's light from the cool confines
of the moon's surface.
3" dia.
An artist's vision of Saturn with dichroic rings of stardust.
Includes a stand, storycard and blue velvet box.
The 3" dia. body is associated with Capricorn: (Dec.22- Jan20).
Cat's Eye Nubula Black Hole Milky Way
Cat's Eye Nubula
Price: $124.95
Black Hole
Price: $124.95
Milky Way
Price: $124.95
The Cat's Eye Nubula is composed mostly of hydrogen
and helium that were ejected by a dying star.
The result is the amazing twisted shape, which resembles a cat eye.
Includes a blue velvet box and storycard. 3" dia.
A black hole is a region of space that has so much mass
concentrated that light cannot escape, creating the illusion of a hole in space.
3" dia.
The galaxy that we call the Milky Way consists of over 200 billon stars
and is so vast that a beam of light would take 100,000 years to cross from one side yo the other.
Big Dipper Blue Planet Andromeda
Big Dipper
Price: $124.95
Blue Planet
Price: $124.95
Price: $124.95
Easily the most familiar constellation in the night sky with the
three starred handle and big bowl. Includes a blue box and storycard.
3" dia.
Earth, often called the Blue Planet is shown enveloped in a
clear crystal atmosphere as seen from space.
includes a blue velvet box and storycard.
3" dia.
The Andromeda Galaxy is our nearest neighbor galaxy
and is visible to the naked eye under most conditions.
Includes a blue velvet box and storycard.
Orions Belt The Americas Whirlpool Galaxy
Orions Belt
Price: $124.95
The Americas
Price: $124.95
Whirlpool Galaxy
Price: $124.95
An artist's rendition of the three stars and nebula
that make up Orions Belt.
Includes a blue velvet box and storycard.
3" dia.
Catch a glimpse of the continents of Earth's Western Hemisphere as they
would be seen from space.
3" dia.
Catch a closeup view of the long spiraling arms of this celestial beauty.
3" dia.
Northern Lights Solar Eclipse Sun
Northern Lights
Price: $124.95
Solar Eclipse
Price: $129.95
Price: $147.95
Caused by engery from solar winds hitting Earth's magnetosphere,
the Northern lights, or auroras, are beautiful, colorful displays across the horizon.
3" dia.
We've recreated this amazing event and frozen it in glass.
No special viewing glasses required.
3" dia.
Swirling golds, blinding yellows and blazing dichroic glass is encased in molten crystal
to celebrate the source of life for our solar system.
The 3" dia. body is associated with Leo: (July23-Aug.22)